Scenes from Childhood (Tribute to Robert Schumann)

As a longtime passionate music lover, the idea of visualizing music is a crucial influence of my artistic research.

This photographic project, "Scenes from Childhood" is a tribute to German composer, Robert Schumann (1810 - 1856) and is intended to create images that can be synchronized to his legendary composition, "Kinderszenen" Opus 15 ("Scenes from Childhood", in German). This composition contains 13 pieces for piano, written during the spring of the year 1838, capturing the feelings of a nostalgic adults reminiscences of youth. Schumann converts the love, joy, fear, sorrow, imagination, dreams and hallucinations of childhood into musical snapshots with full of playfulness, spontaneity and authenticity.

These selected 72 images is my (visual) take on this beautiful tune and these snapshots. The music is is currently performed by Cristoph Zbinden.

*Scene 5, Happy Enough, has been modified by me.

Check the whole project out below (all at once or chapter by chapter)!

Scene 1: Of Foreign Lands and Peoples

Straw Hat Sion1.jpg

Scene 5: Happy Enough

Scene 9: Knight of Hobbyhourse

Scene 2: A Curious Story

Scene 6: An Important Event

Scene 10: Almost Too Serious

Scene 3: Blind Man's Bluff

Scene 7: Dreaming

Scene 11: Frightening

Scene 4: Pleading Child

Scene 8: At the Fireside

Scene 12: Child Falling Asleep

Scene 13: The Poet Speaks

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